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Bigbank otsib krediidiriski analüüsi osakonna juhti

We are looking for an analytical person with excellent statistical skills and technical capabilities to take up the position of Head of Credit Risk Analysis.

What you'll be doing

You’ll coordinate the work of modelling and credit risk analysts to support Bigbank branches internationally on all nine markets. Team’s responsibilities are to offer top quality analyses and systems to manage credit risk, developing systems and calculating provisions (IFRS9), models to sell our products responsibly and analytical services to our internal clients. You support the team’s efforts with your own models and analyses.

Why is this important to Bigbank?

We like our customers and want them to have a delightful user experience. This is where you come in as a Head of Group Credit Risk Analysis. How? We wish to offer a loan to as many customers as possible but only if we are sure the decisions we are making are in line with bank requirements and client need.

On daily basis you 

  • Prioritize and divide the incoming tasks between team members
  • Mediate internal clients’ requests and the team’s results
  • Interpret the findings from your team with a larger audience
  • Work with your own projects related to data modelling - building and validating new credit score models
  • Are responsible for implementing and developing IFRS9 standards
  • Continuously improve your statistical skills and technical capabilities

 Things you’re already experienced in

  • Credit risk field
  • Working with large datasets in a team of analysts
  • Statistics, data analysis and modelling
  • Interpreting and presenting your results for diverse audiences
  • Knowledge about IFRS9 will give you an advantage

You will enjoy working in our team if you are ambitious with an internal drive for excellence and constant improvement.

Tech/Tools you'll be working with

Excel, R, SQL, JIRA, Confluence

Things we're working on

First, we transformed from old school offices-based banking to purely digital banking. Next, we dove into the digital journeys of our customers and figured out what they need for excellent experience. Now, we are building a new banking platform made up of microservices, renewing our entire technology stack.

You'll be rewarded like this

  • Competitive salary (reviewed yearly based on your performance)
  • Good people to collaborate with – check out @lifeatbigbank and #bigbankwow at Instagram
  • Good conditions for professional and personal development
  • Challenging projects to work on
  • Monthly sports benefit + free participation at 2 national sport events
  • Additionally, 2 paid important personal days
  • 3 paid ‘stay at home and get well’ days

Apply here.

Bigbank AS was established in 1992 in Tartu, Estonia. It specializes in term deposits and consumer loans and now operates in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Spain and Sweden, while providing cross-border services in the German, Austrian and Dutch markets. The company operates under the trademark Bigbank on all markets. At the end of 2017, Bigbank employed 417 people.

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29. October 2018, 12:50

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